Qi Gong Training

Please read carefully before undertaking Qi Gong training:

Qi Gong is an ancient form of exercise and meditation whose primary objective is to increase the practitioner's awareness and control of his internal energy or Qi.

Qi Gong is an extraordinary exercise.  Although deceptively tranquil, Qi Gong practice may generate significant internal activity, and may increase your heart rate and body temperature while keeping the breathing calm.  You should not attempt to practice Qi Gong without the guidance of a qualified expert.

Since each individual's response to Qi Gong exercises is dependent upon his/her own mental health and physical health (and any medications that they may be taking), we strongly recommend that you consult your personal physician before engaging in Qi Gong exercises.

In particular, women who are either pregnant or are planning a pregnancy should obtain advice from their physician as well as the instructor regarding starting or the continuation of Qi Gong training.

Qi Gong is not a substitute for emotional counseling, and in the short term may heighten emotional sensitivities.

You should not practice Qi Gong if you are using any consciousness-altering drugs or medications (stimulants, depressants, anti-psychotics, narcotics, etc) and should discuss with the instructor (before starting a training) any prescription medications you may be taking, or if you are dealing with psychosis, a serious injury of illness.

Preparation for class:

Loose clothing is recommended. Tight-fitting clothing may become uncomfortable and can restrict Qi circulation.  Removing your shoes is expected.

Some students are uncomfortable when they perform Qi Gong on an empty stomach.  Eating a moderate meal one-hour before class is adequate.  If a proper meal cannot be consumed, a piece of fruit or a few cookies before class is recommended.

Some students may be proficient in other forms of meditation and energy work, or have martial-arts experience.  The diversity of experience is welcomed and encouraged, but it is inappropriate to perform any other exercises during the formal Qi Gong class session.  Instead, students are encouraged to share experiences they wish during the class discussion sessions.

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