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The Center of Qi Gong, Meditation, Healing and Beyond is a non-profit , non religious based organization committed to introducing Meditation methods and various holistic approaches to healing to everyone, including individuals and families on a low or fixed income.

We are also committed to teaching individuals how to reach deep relaxation/meditative states, to provide energy healing for the purpose of maintaining a good level of physical, emotional, and spiritual health,  and to help speed up the recovery process in some acute or chronic somatic illnesses. The organization is committed to raising spiritual consciousness through the use of meditation. It will also conduct research on Qi Gong and Healing.


Goal:  To make information on Qi Gong and other energy healing techniques as widely available as possible, to instruct clients in its use, to help clients to develop good habits.

Method:  Regular meditation classes, workshops, seminars, web materials and other appropriate avenues will be used to train individuals and groups in the techniques of Qi Gong, energy healing, also including modalities other than Qi Gong, and spiritual development.


Goal: Exploit state-of-the art techniques for the use of subtle energies or qi in appropriate healing situations. 

Method:  Trained and experienced healers will work with patients on a scheduled basis to utilize subtle energy healing techniques to solve or ameliorate client complaints.  Problems to be addressed may include: pain relief, muscular, bone and nerve problems, cancers and tumors, organ functions, and other problems for which this mode of treatment proves to be effective or helpful. Other effective methods of energy healing will also be utilized.

These healing techniques should be used in conjunction conventional medicine whenever possible.  They should not be viewed as a substitute for Western medicine.

Spiritual Development

Goal: Aid clients in their efforts at spiritual development.

Method: Enhance meditation efforts.  Energy work such as qigong is a proven aid to meditation.  It helps to calm both the body and mind and to enable stronger connections with the spiritual aspects of our lives.  Provide a forum for comparing experiences on what has proven helpful and what hasn’t.

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