History (continued)

It is in resolving this problem for the martial arts practitioner that a revolutionary approach was developed by Dr. Yu Peng-Si, physician and Qi Gong Master.Dr Yu Peng-Si was the head of the dermatology division of Shanghai's Number One People's Hospital as well as a professor at Shanghai's Number One Medical College.He also studied under the famous xing yi quan Master Wang Xiang-Zhai, who had developed an innovative "formless" version of xing yi quan which Wang labeled "yi quan" (also called dacheng quan).  

"empty force" exercise with master Ma and student
A devout Buddhist, Dr Yu combined the standing meditative postures and physical exercises of yi quan with the qi-channel opening methods of Tibetan Lamas.The resulting achievement was the formation of a highly successful system for teaching qi cultivation, which yielded one of the most elevated forms of Qi Gong: the ability to project strong Qi at a distance.This ability is called Kong Jing or "empty force".

Dr. Yu and his wife, Madam Min Ou-Yangcame to the United Sates in 1981 to participate in a Qi Gong study at Stanford University.After Dr. Yu died in 1983, Madam Ou-Yang stayed in San Francisco where she continued to teach Qi Gong.She passed away a few years ago.This is the Qi Gong lineage of our school's head instructor, Mr. Shuren Ma. The new name for this style is Oneness Qi Gong (He Yi Qi Gong).

Mr. Ma, the nephew of Dr. Yu and Madam Ou-Yang, started his Qi-Gong practice in China in 1995, when he was 5 years old. Now a Qi Gong master with over 40 years experience, Mr. Ma proudly continuous to bring us this art through The Center of Qi Gong, Meditation, Healing and Beyond.

Our Qi Gong meditation style, the heart of our training program, can be defined as a "purifying internal experience", during which an individual learns to relax and be natural in the process of building qi.  This means that a student of qi does not merely relax the body musculature, but relaxes both mind and body -what we refer to as the whole body. This meditation is called "internal" because the process originates from within and its effects emanate outward to benefit the whole body. It is considered "purifying" because we attempt to clear our minds and cleanse our bodies of blockages; we also call this "natural" or "nature's way". This kind of internal exercise yields good health, balance, body wholeness, and improved qi.

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