Please help us make a difference! Your tax deductible contribution will positively impact our community by allowing us to help transform the lives of many. These include individuals who are unemployed or have low or fixed incomes and do not have access to holistic healing modalities, unavailable through regular health insurance coverage.

According to Dorothy M. Neddermeyer,  PhD, in an article published in Disabled World, the World Health Organization estimates 65 to 80 % of the population use holistic naturopathic medicine as a primary form of healthcare. In this article, she notes that holistic healthcare practices include: meditation, visualization, mind-body-spirit, movement and exercise therapy, Reiki/energy medicine, relaxation response, etc.  According to Stanford University, complementary and alternative therapies continue to grow in popularity among healthcare consumers. According to Eisenberg and Al, 1998: “Energy healing is an adjunctive treatment that is non-invasive and imposes little downside risks to patients. He also added: “Well more than 50 major hospitals and clinics throughout the United States offer energy healing to patients”.

Your contribution of $150 will allow for a single 50 minute holistic healing session.

Your contribution of $80 will allow for a Biogenesis session

Your contribution of $20 will allow for a 50 minute Qi-Gong meditation class

Your contribution of $15 will allow for a 30 minute Heart Meditation

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