Raising Awareness

The Earth is undergoing radical changes in order to compensate for imbalances that we collectively created by living in a selfish manner. The increase in planetary energy demands that we change in the way we interact within ourselves and with one another and live harmoniously. Having to constantly adapt to this ongoing increase in the environmental energy level becomes a struggle for many as their body systems continue to vibrate at a lower level. This situation creates a struggle at the physical, emotional, and spiritual levels.

Very high cosmic energies are available to assist humanity in its transformation if individuals and communities choose to consciously evolve. By removing emotional blockages or foundations that separate individuals from their true selves, they will open themselves to a world of infinite possibilities and will be able to manifest their destiny in this world.

Classes on how to use those energies for individual use will be offered. Training for healers will also be facilitated on a regular basis.


Goal: Two avenues of approach are envisioned: studies of the efficacy of energy techniques in healing, and studies attempting to establish the physical existence and properties of subtle energies and the physical basis for effects such as healing. 

Method:  Both will be pursued as opportunities and resources become available. Some research will be conducted in-house, and some will be conducted via participation in studies and projects being conducted by others.




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