Qi-gong- Pronounced “Chi” (“Qi” being energy) and “Gong” (“Gong” being work). This holistic approach to healing uses energy to quiet the mind, relax the body, and re-establish the normal energy flow in the body to restore normal health. As a licensed psychotherapist and qi-gong instructor (, Beatrice teaches individuals how this modality, rooted in martial arts, can remove emotional blockages that are the result of past trauma or unfinished business from the past. These blockages are believed to be at the core of all illnesses, including somatic, mental, emotional and spiritual health. 

Biogenesis- a transformative healing modality that uses spiritual energy to help release toxins and trauma, open the door for growth and transformation, and restore harmony to diseases, discomforts, and difficulties in one’s life ( During a session, Edith uses glass tools infused with the Biogenesis energy which are placed on, and over, the body while the recipient lies on a massage table. Working with a focused intention, issues are worked with to bring about more peace, wellness, etc.

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