Master Ma

Shuren Ma, Chinese Qi-GongMaster,in service to the Community as a Teacher and Energy Healer

Master Shuren Ma grew up inShanghai, China. He was introduced to Qi-Gong, which was part of Martial Artsat the time,  by his physician uncle wholater became well-known in America. His uncle and aunt trained him in theirhome from an early age.  He learned whatis called "Empty Force", which consists of using Qi or energy for fightingwithout physically touching.  Thisintroduced him to the art of sending energy for the purpose of healing, whichhe practiced early on.  In his twenties,he began assisting his uncle in teaching.  Qi-Gong has been an integral part of MasterMa's daily life ever since.

Master Ma immigrated to Virginia in 1980. That same year, heoffered classes, before opening Capital Qi-Gong at its Silver Spring location.  He taught standing meditation as well the"push hands and jumping" that lead to the empty force practice.  He has begun teaching at several otherdifferent locations since then.  MasterMa has also always been involved in healing, both students and clients in the GreaterWashington Area as well as in other parts of the United States.  His healing practice has always included in-personhealing and healing from a distance.

Master Ma's greatest gift is in the area of pain relief.  In his practice, he has had a great deal ofsuccess in helping clients to recover from all types of surgery, or withillnesses, such as cancer, migraines, stomachache, etc.  His Qi-Gong modality generally tends to helpdecrease the level of physical pain, almost immediately.  It also seems to speed up recovery processafter surgery.   Master Ma strongly recommends to his clientsthat they continue their treatment with their regular physicians and to discusstheir progress with them.  The Qi-Gong modalityis not intended to be a substitute for allopathic medicine.

Master Ma's healing technique is not invasive and does notinclude any type of manipulation or physical touch.  It does not involve any pain or side-effects.  It is has a warm, gentle, and deeply relaxingeffect on the individuals during and after treatment.  The great majority of individuals report abetter quality of sleep after a Qi-Gong treatment.

Master Ma also practices Deep Communication, which is atechnique that allows a person to reach deep states of concentration andself-awareness that have the potential of bringing past experiences intoconsciousness.  These past experiencesmay act as an energy block that prevents someone from reaching higher levels ofhealth or well-being.

In addition to his regular ongoing Qi-Gong activities, MasterMa recently started teaching and healing at The Center for Qi-Gong, Meditation,Healing and Beyond.  He will conductseminars on a regular basis. One of The Center's long-term goals is to helpbuild a Qi-Gong community in the Gaithersburg, MD area that would includeadults, adolescents and children.  Theultimate vision is to help everyone learn the Art of meditation for the purposeof creating Peace within Self and Inner Growth.  It is also to help increase individual energylevels for the purpose of removing energy blockages in the whole body systemfor illness prevention.
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