Edith Billups
Biogenesis Practitioner

The Center for Qi Gong Welcomes Biogenesis Practitioner Edith Billups

The Center for Qi Gong: Meditation, Healing and Beyond is pleased to announce that Edith Billups, a BioGenesis practitioner (, is now available for sessions Monday through Wednesday, A long-time journalist and media consultant, Edith has traveled the world over the past 10 years offering prayers for the healing of Mother Earth. She now uses her healing gift to work with individuals using BioGenesis.

What is BioGenesis?
BioGenesis is an alternative, transformative healing modality that works with the spiritual, mental, physical, and emotional levels of the body, as well as the environment. BioGenesis glass tools use spiritual energy to help release toxins and trauma, open the door for growth and transformation, balance difficulties in one’s life, and increase rest and peace.

During a BioGenesis session, the practitioner and recipient work with a specific intent that can range from balancing all levels of one’s life to helping to restore harmony to diseases and discomforts. Sessions offer many other benefits. For an appointment, call 323 715 7816. 

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