Beatrice Ollier
Psychotherapist, healer and teacher

As a licensed psychotherapist, Beatrice Ollier, LCSW-C has extensive experience working with a variety of individuals and families. She has worked, full time, for 7 years, in an adult acute care unit of a psychiatric hospital. She also has been in a solo private practice for the past 7 years.

beatrice, ollierAlthough initially trained in psychodynamic, then cognitive Behavior approaches to psychotherapy, Beatrice Ollier' s orientation style has evolved to include energetic approaches to treating individuals based on what their presenting issues are. She integrates energy (or qi) to help relieve physical, emotional and psychological stress.  Although she is not religious, her orientation is grounded into spirituality.  That allows her to help clients reframe their challenges as being part of the human learning experience, rather than some shameful thing, a curse, or a challenge that would require coping for the rest of their lives.  She shows how to effectively apply non-judgment, acceptance/self-acceptance, and forgiveness/self-forgiveness to reverse negative life patterns based on old belief systems.   These patterns can hold people prisoner to the past and prevent them from being fully present in their lives and from enjoying the Peace that the present moment holds for them, regardless of what their experiences are.

Ingrained feelings of "separation" or "lack" come from fear-based life experiences. When that happens, people tend to identify themselves with those feelings, therefore, alienating themselves even more from who they really are.  In Beatrice Ollier's experience working with clients, helping them look inward for validation, acceptance and acknowledgement of their experiences has helped a great deal. This greatly diminishes their desire to find answers outside of themselves and therefore decreases their anxieties.  The process of going inward is done through guided meditation, using the breath in the heart, which has the ability to connect people with the very core of their beings and to allow them to witness their own Self.

This journey of inner focus or transformation has the potential for taking people from a place of "lacking something",  "deprivation", "regret", or "justification" of self to a place of Love and Abundance from within Self.  All that is needed is for someone to decide to accept full responsibility for his life experiences in order to be able to step into his or her own power. Taping into higher energies allows one to effectively unlock blockages at the mental, emotional, physical and spiritual levels and create health.  The energy of Creation has the greatest potential for affecting inner conflicts at the unconscious and subconscious levels and to break the cement that tends to hold its foundations down at the DNA level.

Everything is energy: human beings, thoughts, feelings, behaviors, language, the environment that surrounds us including the earth, the stars, the sun, the moon, the oceans, the animals and plants kingdoms, etc.  We perceive things as being different because of the quality of vibration that is individually applied to them. The physical body or matter exists because of its slower vibration when compared to the highest vibrations that create, for example, the sun's rays. There is only One energy on a continuum based on the different levels of vibration.  Everything goes from Light to Darkness, with darkness simply being the absence of Light. Negative emotions or disease correspond to the lower part of the spectrum on the continuum while Love and Joy correspond to the highest part of the spectrum on the same continuum.

Through the Law of Attraction, our individual thoughts continuously shape our reality.  They are the driving force (energy) behind our actions. Then, our actions affect what we think, which continues to shape our reality.  This cycle continues at every single moment of our waking life, whether we are conscious of our thoughts or not.  This is how the same experiences or different versions keep repeating themselves over and over.  The cycle is continuous: negative thoughts bring negative emotions/feelings and negatively affect behaviors; then it starts all over again.  This ongoing cycle adversely affects our energies at a subtle level. This energetic imbalance is manifested as an emotional, physical or spiritual level distress or illness. However, this imbalance can be energetically reversed to create balance and harmony in our energetic field.  It is possible to get the reality you want through a conscious co-creation with your own Self through your own heart.  Once the destructive cycle is altered, the new process gets internalized forever.

In her practice, Beatrice Ollier invites her clients to practice a brief meditation through their hearts. This meditation helps bypass the intellect, mind and ego that are so used to be in control, and therefore, helps maintain status quo in their lives. Once the connection with the real Self is realized, they are more inclined to listen to their inner voices for guidance into their lives.

Beatrice Ollier has been studying Qi-Gong from  Master Shuren Ma with the Capital Qi-Gong since 1996. She has been practicing daily meditation for many years.  She has also learned to send energy as a healer under her teacher's supervision for many years.  The daily practice of Qi-Gong helps to increase the body's energy level for the purpose of self-healing or healing of others.  It ensures proper energy circulation in the body to prevent energy blockages that develop illnesses.  The awareness of energy is a constant because it is through our intention that we create the reality we want.  As a healer, the intention is always to achieve wellness.

These two types of meditation are available at The Center for Qi-Gong, Meditation, Healing and Beyond. These methods can be used independently by the students for the benefit of their personal growth and healing.

Energy healings are also available to those who are open to it.
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